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Apparently Capcom is kicking out anyone who mentions Megaman and is even forcing Megaman themed cosplayers to leave their events or have their badge confiscated at SDCC? If this is true, holy fuck, they’ve completely lost the plot.

EDIT: Folks on Twitter are confirming this is the case; anyone who mentions Megaman or even wears something Megaman related is being made to leave. Jesus Christ.

The first hot girl I run into chases me down a hallway and punches me in the face. Not cool! You know, she wasn’t even all that hot anyway. Her body was alright, but she had some serious kind of skin condition. Whatevs. I’m sure I can find some more girlies. Hey, there’s one! Oh, she’s in a bikini just like the last girl and– eww! What is up with that skin!? Turns out, she’s on her period or something. This is not why I came to this tropical resort, so I’m getting upset.
College debt shows up a lot in these stories, actually. It’s more insistently present than housing debt, or even unemployment. That might speak to the fact that the protests tilt towards the young. But it also speaks, I think, to the fact that college debt represents a special sort of betrayal. We told you that the way to get ahead in America was to get educated. You did it. And now you find yourself in the same place, but buried under debt. You were lied to.

Who are the 99 percent?,” Ezra Klein, The Washington Post (via hold-a-wolfs-ears)

The school I attended is being sued by the government for fraud. This isn’t some small-time hack school. It’s the Art Institute, a chain of for-profit colleges with real accreditation and campuses all across the country. They knowingly loaned huge amounts of money to low-income students who they knew could never afford to pay it back. They kept students who they knew didn’t have the skills to get proper job placement in their chosen field. And they happily gobbled up the federal loan money and left these students to the wolves, such as Sallie Mae, who is faced with a class-action lawsuit. They make a profit when students default on their loans.

They didn’t just lie to us. They concocted a scheme to get rich off of our misery. They profit by destroying our lives.

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Reblogging because I have a friend who went to the Art Institute and this is happening to her right now.

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I fucking wanted to go to one of those places once too. Fuck that.

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Ho-lee-crap…I had the choice to go to the Art Institute but decided not to when they harassed me for months. No joke, they called all hours of the day, called my high school, anywhere they could get the phone number to. They were worse than military recruiters, and they honestly scared me. 

Now I’m extra glad I didn’t go.

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I went to the Art Institute.

I am so fucked.

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BEHOLD the exact reason I refused to go to either the Institute or Al Collins. I did the walk through and called bullshit. Until the system comes up with a way to help educate and furthermore employ struggling artists, I refuse to pay into their system. An animation degree is $75k+. Guess how much they make on hourly wage, if they aren’t Glenn Keane. Go on, guess.

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Ahhhh student debt, my personal bugbear. As a college graduate with university experience working nights at a coffee shop for minimum wage, guess what my personal thoughts on post-secondary education and the loans needed to attend are?

I spent $40K to wind up in a position where I work alongside people still in high school. And the biggest lesson I learned was that if you really want to get ahead, what you need to know? Is the right people. :\

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Conversation overheard at Gamestop

  • Mom: It's rated M, I just wanted to see how bad the sex is in the game.
  • Cashier: Well it's one of the more violent games out right now. Like chainsawing people in half and watching them get ripped apart on screen.
  • Mom: But no sex, right? No kissing or anything? Any language?
  • Cashier: No, no sex, and the language isn't anything worse than the s-word.
  • Mom: Okay, because it's for my five year old so I just wanted to make sure. That's fine then.
  • I DO NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS APPROPRIATE IN THIS COUNTRY. Chainsawing people in half is fucking fine, but God forbid he should hear a dirty word or see people kiss.
  • I really need to understand the logic behind "Watch all the death, but no depictions of love allowed."




Did I mention that I found Anders walking around St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican last week? The photos are kind or blurry/far because I was using my zoom lens and trying my hardest to go on rogue mode whilst freaking out.

I’m just saying. Anders in St. Peter’s Basilica. Scoping out the place, probably.


also, hello gorgeous.

My god.