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Because I’m starting to see “BUT THERE ARE FAKE NERD GIRLS OUT THERE!”




Because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, if an absolutely friggin’ miniscule amount of girls do it for attention, or whatever. Most of the shit being bandied about in this defense is a myth, memes and gags created by the guys belittling women interested in these things that for whatever reason some of you have swallowed as truth. I’m willing to bet you’ve never actually met someone who thought Link’s name was Zelda because the game was called Legend of Zelda. That’s a running gag online. You’ve heard of it, but we’ve also heard that you can resurrect Aerith, Skarlet was a hidden character in Mortal Kombat II, and you can find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time.

It’s horseshit.

But even if there IS even ONE GIRL out there faking it, here’s the truth.


That’s right. Let her do her thing. Ignore it. Because so long as you hold up these extremely rare occurrences as a justification for this behavior, this behavior will never end, and they will use it to continue to belittle and invalidate your place in geekdom. If she exists, you shouldn’t be pointing to her and saying BUT THEY’RE RIGHT, because you’ll never stop having to prove your nerd cred - after all, she exists, YOU could be one of THEM.

You have to say it doesn’t. Fucking. Matter. Take this weapon away from them, stop telling them they’re ever right to use it.

Fan policing and elitism is a load of wank, is exclusionary behavior, and only continues this ridiculous shit.

You are not the gatekeepers of geekdom.

There is no gate.

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