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About Frozen


Okay, I have had a couple thoughts about this movie boiling up for a while…they are observations, things I saw and experienced, more than actual theories of my own, so please bear with me.

The interesting thing about Frozen is how polarizing it is. People seem to mostly either adore it, or they absolutely hate it with a scorn that seems to go beyond the film’s faults.

I saw it, and I enjoyed it, but I did feel it had some story problems, and many other issues have been raised that make some sense to me, as well. My opinion of the film isn’t the issue.

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Interesting to note that despite Disney’s reservations, they still DID IT; contrast with, oh, the gaming industry where it would have been shitcanned so fast your head would spin.





"Homer Simpson and Petter Griffin are an even greater team than the Air Force!"

wow their bitterness is really showing…

lol Bob’s Burgers is fucking Emmy nominated and superior to both of these other shows

It’s funny because Bob’s Burgers is the best show of the lot!


Maybe the worst crossover (Simpsons/Family Guy) but the Bob cameo is just epic lol. Also at the end with Cleveland LOL.

The Bob cameo means there’s actually something good in the episode at least.

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Ain’t too proud to be wrong




First official picture of Wonder Woman from Batman v Superman. And you know what? I’ve got to tip my hat, I like what they’ve done costume-wise. I still have my reservations about Gadot, but this image? This image is pretty cool. And I’m big enough to admit that.

The Cut of the costume is wonderful (except for the micro-skirt, but it’s better than the swimsuit), it’s the stunning lack of any color that bothers me about the costume.

It’s sad that Axel Braun still made a better Wonder Woman costume.


Agreed, but the cut and the color combo gives me such a Xena vibe that I can’t help but really like it, lol. As far as WW costume variants go, this is my fave kind of style; I was dreading the Leather Jacket look appearing.