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It’s nice to see that the internet’s reaction to that horrible Avril Lavigne video has been pretty much universally negative. Ye gods what an embarrassment. 




Be warned: up until the episode before the TWS tie-in is kind of a suckfest. And then SHIT GETS REAL

I’ve already seen the first four episodes and I was enjoying it, but I have heard that, yeah.

Oh yeah, I enjoyed the entire ride too. But the first what, 14 or 15 episodes were unamazing. It’s been solidly awesome for the last month though. Even some things that were mocked as being dumb on first viewing turned into hooks for plot threads later. Also Bill Paxton is on it which was an excellent casting decision. Enjoy it!

I’m pretty forgiving of TV in its first season, lol. There have been a few shows that I’ve really liked that have a lackluster first season, but when they find their stride they really do it well. I’m HOPING this is one of them, because I love the MCU and it deserves a good tie-in.

And after seeing Winter Soldier, I REALLY want to see where it goes.

Now that I’ve seen all of the current MCU films, I can catch up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. :) Actually may as well start from the start, been a while.


These shakes taste really powdery no matter how much liquid I add.

I just woke up, and thought that said ‘sharks’ instead of shakes. I was so, so confused.